Control Panel: a web-based panel to create and manage large data-bases of members, invite, accept or reject members and send mass or targeted messages to the mobile app newsfeed (news, surveys, instructions, etc.) depending on the age, the gender, position and/or location, among others features.
Mobile or Web Application: application downloaded from the mobile store (Apple, Android) linked to the Control Panel. The App combines the social media experience through a "Feed" with private messaging service and member profile designed to show individual efforts. Among the special and differentiated features are the possibility to "Like" "Or" Dislike" a post secretly, share content on other social networks, recruit members and interact directly with control panel administrators, making of this, a true private network experience.


Leaders and teams can move faster through the use of this platform!

With Freedom Social Technology, your organization can be constantly connected and move forward faster on their common objectives and interests when needed.

Since this is an unlimited network, there is no need to waste time on chain of messages running through different chats, with the disadvantages this may cause. With Freedom, the network will receive important messages instantly, even targeted messages depending on the positions, locations and levels within the network.

Feedback and polls have the potential to be secret, which can really help the network to improve faster.

Freedom Social Technology will be brand-tailored for your organization and will represent a unique and exclusive space for members and leaders or administrators to share content related to the purpose of the app, without sharing attention with other social media content and ensuring the safety of the information.

When sharing info through massive social media networks and chats, even in closed groups, there is always the potential of not having the control of the information you share. With Freedom Social Technology, you have the app, the network and the back end to control the privacy and safety of your content and interactions.

The continuous communication of the messages you want your organization's members to be aligned to will make the network stronger.

Freedom Social Technology will provide your team with the possibility to reach your audience fast, effectively and in a very innovative way, which will turn out to make it stronger.

Also, the sense of belonging and the strengthen of the culture and bonding generated by the use of the platform will also make your organization or network even stronger and committed.

By joining together, you will build strength!

Our company philosophy is that of creating strong alliances and partnerships with the organizations we work with!

Implementing Freedom is very easy. You just have to send an email to contact@freedom.technology and send us your contact information so we can understand your needs and send you a proposal.

Also, you are more than welcome to visit our web page at www.freedom.technology

We look forward to helping you reinvent and improve the way your organization interacts today, taking the organization to the next level!

We envision digital communities as empowered networks, where technology is used as a means to boost collaboration and meritocracy, therefore bringing out the best in ourselves to make this a better world!

Our mission is to help people and networks become faster, stronger and more focused at reaching their common objectives by empowering their digital communication!

Freedom Social Technology platform aims to bring the best of data-base organization, segmented messaging and social media experience to the masses, so they can improve, transform and get the best out of their communicational dynamics, ideas and actions!